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One-on-One Coaching

Is it time to take your wine appreciation and knowledge to the next level? If it is, select one-on-one coaching. Become a connoisseur—learn which wines you prefer, how to match wine with food, and which wines are good values for your private collection and in restaurants.

The Wine Coach's individual wine coaching will help you:

  • Hone your wine tastes. Review wines from different grape varietals and different regions of the world, so that your wine selections in restaurants and for your private collection truly reflect your personal tastes.

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  • Select wines that match the food you like. Every wine does not match every type of food. Some wines may actually fight the food you want to eat. Selecting a 98-point wine that costs hundreds of dollars and pairing it with food that doesn't match can be an exercise in frustration. The Wine Coach will inform you of wines that work best with your favorite cuisines.

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  • Find the best wines at restaurants. Restaurant wine lists can be extremely frustrating. Some make it difficult to find a wine under $100. Some have lists that contain few wines that work with the restaurant's cuisine. Others have great deals at $50 a bottle and at $250 a bottle. The Wine Coach can inform you about restaurant lists generally, and, on special request, can analyze the lists of your favorite restaurants.

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  • Plan your wine purchases. Decide how your personal collection should be structured. Which wine regions should be emphasized? How much wine should be purchased for current consumption, how much for near-term drinking, and how much for long-term aging?

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  • Learn how to read wine criticism. There are several well-known wine critics. Which ones are reliable? Do they judge wines from similar regions equally?

Short- and long-term coaching packages are available.

Contact The Wine Coach today for individual coaching.

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Wine Consulting for Weddings

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Wine Consulting for Restaurants

Partnering with Wedding Planners, Party and Event Planners, and Caterers

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